How to Safely Operate your ECV

If you have driven a car or ridden a bike, then you can easily operate an ECV ( Electronic Convenience Vehicle ), these vehicles are easy to operate. But if you do have concerns then take a trip to your local grocery store or mall and practice on one there.

Disney World ECV

ECV From Target
ECV From Buena Vista Rentals

If driving one of these is intimidating then I cannot stress enough to go try one out at your local Walmart/Target/Grocery Store. As you can see from the photos above they are all very similar.

Now that you have practiced and you are on your way to Disney here are a few simple rules to follow.

  1. Never operate your ECV faster then you can walk. It is not a race, and speed means injuries. I actually hold my husbands hand when we are walking thru the park this ensures I do not get ahead of him and go too fast.
  2. Never allow a child to sit or operate your ECV. I see many people do this and I have also witnessed a few accidents due to this activity. Not only is it dangerous, But Disney frowns upon this activity and a CM may ask you to remove the child.
  3. Give yourself plenty of room and plenty of time. Abled Bodies are just as excited as you are to be there and often forget to look down. This results in them not seeing you and can cause an accident.
  4. Be patient, Disney is busy for everyone, if you blow your horn and try to move people that are already trying to move, then all you are going to do is get frustrated and possibly hurt someone.
  5. If possible, leave your ECV parked (in the designated spot) and walk in the stores. Again stores are very very busy, so if you can walk, you will find shopping/eating will be much more enjoyable with the ECV left outside.
  6. Do not abuse the ECV. Unfortunately this happens, people renting an EVC for convenience and not for need. Magic Kingdom is notorious for running out of ECVs leaving someone truly in need in a push wheelchair or doing without.
  7. Most lines WILL accommodate an ECV, this will make it easier for you to stand in line. Just follow the CM’s directions.
  8. and Lastly HAVE FUN!! Disney is more then accommodating to individuals with Disabilities and if you take your time, and relax, then you will enjoy your Disney experience!

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