More Changes coming to Epcot!

What Imagineeers Vision for Epcots Entrance

I am almost sad to write this. We have been Epcot fans for years and years and often feel like this is an “adults” park. And while I do understand why Disney is doing what they are doing, doesn’t make it any easy to accept. By 2021 Epcot will be over run, with children

Disney announced a new play pavilion, that is suppose to be an innovative play city, coming to life, under what was once known as Wonders of life. It will be completely unique to Epcot and will be immersive and interactive and feature some your favorite Disney Characters. Also expect some changes to Epcot’s entry and exit, with new pathways, green spaces and a newly reimagined fountain.

Leave A Legacy photos which are currently at the entrance to Epcot past the ticket booths, will move just outside the park’s gateway, according to the blog. Many people find these to be eye sores, while others like to find their picture from years ago.

As previously announce by Disney, later this year we will see the opening of the Experience Center. This is suppose to allow guests to “be able to look into the future” with interactive exhibits to help visualize park projects in the Odyssey Events Pavilion.

Epcot is undergoing a massive re-imagination with the upcoming addition of the Guardians of the Galaxy-themed attraction. Reported to be one of the longest enclosed roller coasters in the world and feature a brand-new ride system. This is reported to be open in time for the Walt Disney World Resort 50th anniversary.

All this is happening as well as:

  1. A new Rataouille Adventure in France
  2. Spaced Themed Table Service adjacent to Mission Space
  3. A Sing along featuring Beauty and the Beast
  4. An update to Circle Vision for Japan and Canada

As you can see Epcot is undergoing major changes, to make this park more “family friendly” for us this is sad for Epcot allowed us to experience Disney without all the crowds like what happens at magic Kingdom.

Only time will tell how these changes will effect Epcot.

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