RUMOR : Disney Quietly Makes Changes to their ECV’s.

Rumor has it Disney has quietly made changes to their ECV’s. This is a result of outcry from the healthy AB community about incidents and accident. According to those that have recently (within the last two weeks) been to Disney World Orlando, they rented EVC’s only to find out..they are useless.

Seems Disney has installed a speed limiter on these ECV’s which I am fully in agreement with. Many Many people go way to fast on these 300 pound machines. If you are driving these machines faster then you can walk, then you are going TOO fast!

However, and this is the change that has me furious. Disney has also installed sensors in the front. Meaning that every time someone steps 12 INCHES in front of you, the machine stops. Think about this, think about the fireworks, and how crowded it is, how is a ECV going to get thru? How about exiting the park? How is the ECV going to get thru? 12 inches is not alot of space and healthy AB’s could care less about those that are disabled. They jump over moving chairs, they walk in front of us, they seem to think that we can “squeeze” by them and refuse to move and now Disney has made it a million times harder for those weak and ill to enjoy the parks.

  1. No rope drop – too many people
  2. No fireworks – too many people
  3. No parades – too many people
  4. No holidays – too many people
  5. No walking via Epcots pass from future world to the world showcase, too crowded, too many people.
  6. How are you going to stay in line at the food kiosk if you need 12 inches in front of you before the machine will move?
  7. What about the rides that allow ECVs to enter? Like Monster Inc, Its a small world, Festival of the lion king etc? All those ECV’s waiting and must keep 12 inches apart as well as ensure that healthy people also stay out of that 12 in bubble. And when you exit these attractions?

This is just a small list of issues with having sensors on these ECVs. Guest that have used them in the past two weeks, have returned the machines, crying in frustration over their lack of move-ability in the crowds.

I did call Disney special needs (407) 560-2547 (email ) and spoke to a CM whom verified that this was in a trial phase. But they would give me no further answers.

Just to clarify, this does NOT effect those that bring their personal wheelchairs, nor does it effect any outside rentals.

As a disabled person, I get frustrated when healthy abled bodied people, run out in front of me, hop over me as I am moving, or run into me, when I am sitting and not moving in my chair AT ALL. And they turn around and cuss me out, for their injury.In all my years in a wheelchair I have ran over two people, my husband for he walks holding my hand which puts him close to me, and a lady on a cruise ship, as we were disembarking. Meanwhile, I have had food spilled on me, drinks spilled on me, a drunk fall into my lap. I have looked at more asses, and been hit by more swinging purses, then you could even imagine. And to boot, 9 out of 10 of these incidents, the person turns around blames me and cusses me out.

Someone in an ECV or wheelchair or scooter, has 6 or so wheels to watch, has to watch were they are going and has to watch the toes of those around them, for healthy adults just can’t seem to watch their own feet. Sorry but in all my years experience it is the healthy adult, that is usually at blame for accidents. People in wheelchairs /ECvs/Scooters, DO NOT want to injure anyone.

Husband and I will be going to Disney the end of May and I will be researching this more and hopefully have more information then.
I wonder if the ADA will agree with this change since it has limited the disabled person so much

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